Animation studio NUT’s new original title “Deca-Dence” has revealed its main cast information and key visual! “Deca-Dence” will star Katsuyuki Konishi as “Kaburagi” and Tomori Kusunoki as “Natsume”. The show is slated to start broadcasting in July 2020.

“Deca-Dence” is set in a world where humankind is in danger of extinction, due the threat of a mysterious creature known as “Gador”. The survivors build a huge mobile fortress they called “Deca Dence,” to protect themselves from the threat of “Gador”.

Aboard “Deca-Dence” are warriors known as “Gears” who fight against “Gador”, as well as individuals who play supporting roles but have no fighting skills known as “Tankers”. Natsume is a young girl who dreams of becoming a “Gear”, and meets a jaded armour-repair “Tanker” named Kaburagi,