The latest Pokémon Presents stream held yesterday evening 17th June at 11:00 PM SGT revealed a whole slew of new game announcements that will excite Pokemon gaming fans of all ages. You can watch the video below, and we’ve also listed down all the big reveals for a quick peek.

Pokemon Smile is a new smartphone game for younger kids to teach them proper oral care habits, and take the stress off their parents needing to chase them around for some toothbrush time.

Pokemon Cafe Mix is an addictive puzzle game with cute cafe management elements! Serve your Pokemon customers, hike Pokemon staff to help out, and snazz up your cafe — all by playing cute puzzle games in various styles.

Pokemon Snap, which was originally released on the Nintendo64, will be returning on the Switch in a newly-revamped edition! Older fans will enjoy the nostalgia while newbies will have a whole new way of playing Pokemon!

With measures in place to combat COVID-19, PokemonGo fans can still enjoy the annual PokemonGo Fest but in a fully-digital format! Expect more updates on the upcoming event very soon!

And finally, for trainers on Pokemon Sword & Shield — the first of the two new areas “Isle of Armour” has been officially launched! Plus, “Crown Tundra” will be out very soon — so hang on to your parkas!

More announcements are scheduled to be made on the next Pokemon Presents stream in just a few days — 24th June 2020. We can’t wait!