A special pop-up “EVANGELION CAFE & DINER” is opening from 1st June til 2nd August 2020 at Shibuya PARCO’s TOKYO PARADE goods & cafe. You can enjoy various themed meals and drinks such as “[Ikari Shinji] Avocado Burger”, “[Shikinami Asuka Langley] Meatball Pasta”, “[Nagisa Kaworu] Pork Grill”, “[Ryoji Kaji] Vegetable Chicken Curry”, and “[Rei Ayanami] Cheesecake”.

All of the cafe guests will receive one of six kinds of “replica tickets” featuring different characters as a gift. Guests will also receive one out of all six unique coasters with each drink order. Original items such as acrylic key chains and notebooks are also on sale at the accompanying goods shop.

Don’t forget to practice safe distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands often when attending the cafe event — or any event for the matter. Have fun!