Music label Lantis which is owned by Bandai Namco Arts Inc., and anime and game music production company bluesofa, have joined forces to create a new music label “Purple One Star“. bluesofa’s Akimitsu Homma will act as label producer.

The concept behind “Purple One Star” is “to create an environment in which artistes can act independently and maximize their strengths”. The “Purple” in the label name symbolizes the combination of colours, Lantis red and bluesofa blue. On the other hand, “One Star” represents “an artist that emits a unique light like Venus, which shines the brightest at dawn.”

Purple One Star’s first artiste is none other than voice actress Ai Furuhata, who kicked off her seiyuu career as Ruby Kurosawa in “Love Live! “Sunshine!!”. She will be making her debut as a “Purple One Star” solo artiste in early Autumn 2020, with an 80’s urban pop-inspired release titled “City”.