The highly anticipated “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM EXTREME VS. MAXIBOOST ON” game will be holding free demo sessions six Saturdays in a row starting 20th June! Even better, if you pre-order the digital version from 20th June til the release date, you can play an extra 24 hours in each session — increasing your total Open Access time to the entire weekend!

Open Access Sessions (+8 GMT)

– 20th June, 11AM to 21st June, 11AM
– 27th June, 11AM to 28th June, 11AM
– 4th July, 11AM to 5th July, 11AM
– 11th July, 11AM to 12th July, 11AM
– 18th July, 11AM to 19th July, 11AM
– 25th July, 11AM to 26th July, 11AM

– 185 Playable Units
– 36 Stages

・Player Match: 2-on-2 battles of up to 18 players per room
・Casual Match: solo quick match
・Branch Battle: 8-stage routes

* Subject to change without prior notice.