A popular toy line from the equally popular franchise, the newest line “Digimon Pendulum Z” is coming to South East Asia via AFASHOP.coAnime Festival Asia‘s official online store! “Digimon Pendulum Z” is a portable monster breeding toy equipped with a pendulum that users can shake to change the stats of their Digimon — how cool is that?!

The three “Digimon Pendulum Z” variants contain more than 100 new Digimon, including “Nature Spirits”, “Deep Savers”, and “Nightmare Soldiers” classes. By letting each “Digimon Pendulum Z” communicate with another device of a different colour variant, you can unlock even more powerful evolution routes for your Digimon.

Feel the rush of raising your Digimon to the highest levels — grab the new “Digimon Pendulum Z” only at AFASHOP.co!