Via Comic Natalie: the live-action theatrical adaptation of Setona Mizushiro’s “Kyuuso wa CHEESE no Yume wo Miru” (“The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese”) has finally revealed its new release date of 11th September. Originally slated to hit Japanese cinemas last 5th June 2020, the release was postponed due to self-restraint measures to stem the spread of COVID-19.

“The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese” is a BL manga that revolves around the relationship between Kyouichi Ootomo, an office worker who has been cheating on his wife, and his former college underclassmen Wataru Imagase, a private investigator hired by Kyouichi’s wife to uncover his infidelity. Wataru blackmails Kyouichi into kissing him in exchange for not revealing anything to Kyouichi’s wife, but the illicit affair soon escalates.