A special collaboration project between the TV anime adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi’s “Yu-Yu Hakusho” and Suntory Tokucha is totally happening! Dubbed “Yu-Yu Tokucha,” it promises to rid you of your unbalanced health habits!

The collab starts today — 15th June 2020 in Japan, and will be made up of two campaigns on messaging app LINE and social media platform Twitter.

The first campaign “Yu-Yu Toku-Chat” (“Yu-Yu Special Chat”) will be taking place on the messaging app LINE, where characters from “Yu-Yu Hakusho” will engage with fans via AI chat to encourage them to complete fitness challenges.

Each challenge you clear unlocks a special phone wallpaper could feature your favourite YYH character!

The other campaign happening on Twitter will have followers of the official Toku-cha account @suntory_tokucha getting health advice from Toguro-otouto! By using the hashtag #今のおまえに足りないもの (“What You Lack Today”), he will ask you a question that you have to respond to.

Based on your answers, he will determine what sort of thing your health lacks on the day — and will gently prescribe a solution such as drinking vitamins or doing breathing exercises.

Check them out today!