“WACAVA Project” is excited to reveal a new music video recorded by Halim, who was discovered at C3AFA Singapore 2019! Halim will be covering the popular song “button” by PENGUIN RESEARCH (the opening theme of the TV anime “ReLife”) in English.

Halim first caught the eye of the “WACAVA Project” team with his soulful performance of “button”, at the “WACAVA Project” experience zone at C3AFASG19 — which took place from 29th November to 1st December 2019. Not only was he amazing at singing songs by male vocalists, but he also added his own interpretation to songs by female artistes as well.

Anisong fans are sure to enjoy Halim’s heartfelt new arrangement of an already popular track!

About WACAVA Project

“WACAVA” stands for “World Anisong Cover Association by Various Artists”, a project by SACRA MUSIC to bring anisong to the world. The project started in November 2019, with the aim of covering anime theme songs and Japanese pop songs in different languages from around the world.

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