Teased a few days ago via a website countdown, details of the new Bandai China Project have finally been revealed via the project’s official Weibo account! Back-to-back announcements of collaboration projects with local brands such as LILBETTER, IKBC, and many others, as well as international brands ASICS and ASUS were announced.

However, the cream of the crop is the planned 1:1 scale statue of Freedom Gundam to be built on the planned Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport in Shnaghai, China. The new Shanghai Freedom Gundam is set to stand at 18.03 metres, and is the first life-sized Gundam statue outside of Japan.

The only other two statues are the Gundam Unicorn statue at Tokyo’s Odaiba — which replaced the original RX-78 model decommissioned in 2017, and the moving RX-78 statue at the soon-to-open Gundam Factory Yokohama.