You’re probably not the only person who ran around with a box cutter (PLEASE DON’T!) pretending to be EVA-02 with her Prog Knife, but now you can do it with licensed merchandise from cutter specialist OLFA!

OLFA will release a cutter and a cutting mat with the special agency NERV as a motif on 31st July 2020. It will be perfect to help you with your Evangelion plamo building as well as general stationery needs.

The price is 1210 yen including tax for the cutter and 2860 yen including tax for the cutter mat. It will be sold at EVANGELION STORE’s online shop and real stores in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Namba, and Hakata, as well as OLFA’s official online shop, and model kit speciality stores all over Japan.