Kanako Takatsuki — best known for her role as “Hanamaru Kunikida” in “Love Live! Sunshine!!”, will be making her solo artiste debut with Lantis. Her debut Single “Anti World” will be the opening theme of the TV anime “I’m Standing on a Million Lives” which is slated to start its broadcast run in October 2020.

Kanako Takatsuki has released an official statement; check out the official translation below:

I will be debuting as a solo Artist!

10 years have passed since I decided to become an Anisong Singer, and my dream has finally come true.

My debut Single “Anti World” will be the Opening theme of “100万の命の上に俺は立っている(I’m Standing on a Million Lives)”.

I was deeply moved by the story when I read the comics, and I wanted to express that in my own words, and that is the reason I wrote the lyrics for this song.

I hope it will grow into a song that stays in all of your hearts. Look forward to the release!

Congratulations Kin-chan and we wish you all the best!