Seiyuu and actor Kenjiro Tsuda — best known for his roles as Seto Kaiba in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” and Hyakunosuke Ogata in “Golden Kamui,” has revealed via his official Instagram account that he is already married and has two children. The announcement was made after a Japanese weekly magazine may have forced his hand, by revealing his married status in a scoop.

An unofficial translation follows:

I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused by an article about my marriage, appearing in a weekly magazine released today.

When I first started out as a stage actor I met my wife in the same industry, and we got married after having a relationship for a quite a while, and had children after that. My wife is an ordinary person and we currently have two children.

At the beginning of our marriage, we often receive threats that endanger the safety of our lives, but I thought it would be safer not to publish them.

I admire many other actors and voice actors who do not reveal anything about their personal lives, and I wanted to become such an artist, so I have not announced anything until now.

I think this article has affected some people and caused inconvenience to others in my line of work, so I have released a statement today.

To all of you who are always supporting us, I am sorry for making the announcement in this way.

We will continue to devote ourselves so that we can deliver good performances and good work in earnest. Thank you very much.