If you are a huge fan of the hit mobile game “Fate/Grand Order”, don’t miss these beautiful new figures of Caster Anastasia and Crypter Kadoc Zemlupus, from top Japanese figure and model company Kotobukiya! They will be available for pre-order on AFASHOP.coAnime Festival Asia‘s online store. The pre-order period ends on 21st August 20201, so don’t hesitate!

Crypter Kadoc Zemlupus was faithfully recreated by how he appeared in the game down to the minute details such as his slim figure, the creases of his clothes, the rings on his fingers and his piercings thanks to Kotobukiya’s expert craftsmanship. Even with his gloomy expression as he grips his chest in a show of weakness, his strong personality and sense of purpose come across with this figure.

As she stands poised with her right hand lifted gracefully, Caster Anastasia displays the refinement of her position as the Grand Duchess of Russia. The ornaments that she wears in her hair and clothing have all been faithfully recreated thanks to Kotobukiya’s expert craftsmanship. Furthermore, the fluttering of Anastasia’s hair and cape as she stands on a base representing frozen soil further emulates the illusion of cold air flowing through her.

Get your hands on this exquisitely matched pair before they’re gone forever!