The official title of the new “Love Live” anime project teased back in January 2020 has been decided! Titled “Love Live! Superstar!!”, the story is set in a newly established private school Yuigaoka Girls High School located between Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama. The members of the yet unnamed group are Chisato Arashi, Sumire Heanna, Kanon Shibuya, Tan Kuku, and Ren Hazuki.

“Hajime Yatate” (aka the Sunrise staff) are back as series creators, with Sakurako Kimino in charge of the original concept. Takahiko Kyougoku will be directing and Jukki Hanada will be in charge of the screenplay. Atsushi Saito will be in charge of the anime character designs based off the originals by Yuuhei Murota. Finally, Yoshiaki Fujisawa will be back to compose the girls’ songs.