Eiichiro Oda’s “ONE PIECE” theme park, “Tokyo ONE PIECE Tower” — located inside the famous Tokyo landmark Tokyo Tower, will be closing after five years; their last day will be on 31st July. The closure was caused in part by operational difficulties arising from measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 — which has severely limited their capacity as well as put a damper on some of their most popular attractions.

As a special service to their fans, “Tokyo ONE PIECE Tower” will still be operating free of charge until their last day, with strict measures in place for the health and safety of all customers and staff. The last performances of their popular ONE PIECE character shows will also be streamed on YouTube for free on the last day of “Tokyo ONE PIECE Tower”.

“Tokyo ONE PIECE Tower” was opened on 12th March 2015, based on the concept of a fun playground called “Tongari Island” where fans can meet the main character Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the ONE PIECE gang. In addition to various attractions based on “ONE PIECE”, a live show titled “ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION” is also held there, which reached 10,000 performances in February 2020.