“Suikoden” I and II’s Yoshitaka Maruyama and “Suikoden” I and IV’s Junko Kawano are joining forces to bring the spiritual successor of the beloved JRPG series to life via their new studio Rabbit & Bear. Titled “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes“, the studio has started a Kickstarter campaign to back the project and has already received more than USD 4.3 million in pledges.

“Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroe” brings back all the classic Suikoden elements that fans have come to love about one of the best-selling Japanese RPGs: a compelling story, a huge cast of characters, an expansive world, a castle and town system that would please any micromanager, and so much more.

The game studio has given a lot of thought to the entire funding and development process, promising to release the game in a timely manner on a number of different platforms, as well as make sure that the retail version lives up to the hype of the Kickstarter version.

You still have time to pledge your support before the fundraising campaign ends 30th August.