The 51st Nebula Award held this 2020 has named Dowman Sayman’s “How Many Light-Years to Babylon?” and DC Comics’ “Ninja Batman” as award winners in the Best Comic category, and Kenta Shinohara’s “Astra Lost in Space” in the Best Media category respectively. All winners were announced on 22nd August 2020.

“How Many Light-Years to Babylon?” tells the story of Bub, the last human in the galaxy found floating in a space capsule. He then discovers that Planet Earth has been destroyed under unknown circumstances. He now travels the universe with his alien friends, trying to figure out what happened to Earth, as well as restart the human race in the most biblical sense possible.

“Ninja Batman” is as an alternate universe story of Batman, who has fallen into a time tunnel and ended up in ancient Japan during the Warring States period. He battles his typical rogues’ gallery of villains to prevent them from making drastic changes to the timeline. Batman Ninja was originally a 2018 animated film directed by Junpei Mizusaki, produced by Warner Bros., and animated by Kamikaze Douga and YamatoWorks. The manga version is serialized in Monthly Heroes.

“Astra Lost in Space” tells is set in the future where space travel has become possible. A group of high school students travel to a nearby planet when they are suddenly attacked by a mysterious entity that teleports them into the depths of space. Marooned on an unknown planet, they discover an abandoned spaceship, which they resolve to fix and use to get home.

The Nebula Awards is the longest-running science fiction prize in Japan established in 1970. Winners are decided by the votes of participants of the “Japan SF Convention” in nine divisions: Japanese Longform, Overseas Longform, Japanese Shortform, Overseas Shortform, Media, Comic, Art, Non-fiction, and Open.