To commemorate the third anniversary of Hakusensha’s “Manga Park” app, the autumn sequel to “Shoujo Manga Natsu no Jin!” titled “Aki no Netsu Manga Matsuri!” will be held from 12th to 18th September 2020. The first two titles are “March Comes in Like a Lion” and “Ai Yori Aoshi”; more titles will be revealed in future dates.

You can also read Hana to Yume and LaLa’s up to three years worth of back issues absolutely free of charge! Hana to Yume 2018 No. 5-12 and LaLa January 2018-June 2018 will be available from 21st to 30th July. An additional 90 volumes will be released subsequently; do check back in the Manga Park app for release schedules.