Via Comic Natalie: the author of classic coming-of-age manga “Kimagure Orange Road” Izumi Matsumoto has passed away last 6th October 2020. According to his official website, he had been struggling with cerebrospinal fluid hypoplasia but was very determined to return to work; unfortunately, he never recovered from his condition and passed away peacefully in his sleep.

“Kimagure Orange Road” follows the story of Kyousuke Kasuga whose family has ESP powers. They often moved homes in an attempt to conceal their powers. He falls in love with a new classmate Madoka Ayukawa, whose best friend Hikaru Hiyama, in turn, falls in love with Kyousuke. Madoka masks he growing feelings for Kyousuke in order not to hurt Hikaru, and the complicated relationship between the three help them grow as persons.

Rest in peace, Matsumoto-sensei.