Via Mantan Web: a completely new feature-length film “Macross Δ The Movie Zettai LIVE!!!!!!” from the latest instalment of the “Macross” series “Macross Δ” will be released in 2021. In addition, a new live tour titled “SANKYO presents Walküre Premium LIVE TOUR 2020-2021 ~ Walküre wa Akiramenai!!!!! ~” featuring the five-member all-girl music unit “Walküre” also from “Macross Δ” will be held in December.

The tour will include five venues, including: Zepp Fukuoka (17 December 17, Thursday), Zepp Osaka Bayside (19 December, Saturday), Zepp Nagoya (2 January, Saturday), Zepp Sapporo (13 January, Wednesday), Zepp Haneda (21 January, Thursday), and Zepp Haneda (22 January, Friday).