GUNDAM RUN is here to challenge both running and anime fans in the series’ first official virtual marathon! Fans are treated to two different courses: the 20KM Zaku Run and the 40KM Gundam Run, where finishers will receive special race bibs, runners tees, certificates, and medals designed by renowned Gundam mecha designer Kunio Okawara! Runners who opt for the 40KM run will also receive an exclusive race finisher’s cap!

For Gundam fans who aren’t keen runners, the race may seem a little intimidating. Not to worry — here are a few tips so you can blast off and finish the race like the NewType that you are!

1) If you can, run indoors.

If you have a treadmill at home, it’s the best option as you can take extra safety and sanitary precautions. You can also opt for the treadmill at the local gym or fitness club, as long as you practice safe distancing measures and sanitise your space pre- and post-workout.

2) If you must, stay safe when you run outdoors.

If you have to run outside, make sure you run alone or in a group of five people or less, while practising social distancing. Make sure you wear your mask during warm-up and cool-down. And don’t forget to stay within designated running paths and follow traffic rules for a safe run.

3) Use a compatible running app to track your progress.

Don’t waste your effort! Make sure your progress is tracked by using the latest version of the many compatible apps for GUNDAM RUN lap time submissions, such as: Nike Run Club (Apple and Android), Garmin Connect (Apple and Android), Strava (Apple and Android), adidas Runtastic (Apple and Android), and UnderArmor Map My Run (Apple and Android).

4) Take note of lap time submission deadlines.

Likewise, do take note of the deadlines to submit your lap times. There are three designated cut-off dates: 15th November 2020, 15th December 2020, and 15th January 2021 — which also the last cut-off date. Make sure you submit your lap times before any one of these deadlines to receive your race finishers pack!

5) If you have trouble with your progress, set smaller goals.

Especially for first-time racers, 20KM or 40KM may seem like an impossible feat. However, because the run is virtual, you can proceed at your own pace! Set smaller goals — instead of attempting to finish all 20KM in a single weekend, just run 2KM every day and in ten days you’ve reached your target.

That’s it — hope you picked up something useful! If you have your own tips for fellow racers, do let us know in the comments section below. Good luck to all GUNDAM RUN challengers out there!