The first solo concert in 10 years for the TV anime “Macross Frontier” has been announced for 2021. The concert will feature “Galaxy Fairy” Sheryl Nome and “Superdimensional Cinderella” Ranka Lee, who dazzled the audience at last year’s “MACROSS CROSSOVER LIVE”.

To commemorate the announcement, a special edit of 2008’s “Macross F Galaxy Tour FINAL Konna SERVICE Metta ni Shinain dakara ne in Budokan ☆” will be broadcast on the on 23rd November 2020 — which is also Sheryl Nome’s birthday.

The stream will open at 19:00 JST / 18:00 SGT and the show will start at 20:00 JST / 19:00 SGT, via official Macross YouTube channel.