A “cardboard backpack” designed by “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!” author Sumito Owara will be released by Good Smile Company! Based on a design he created and uploaded on Twitter back in 2017, the concept has been brought to life is now available for preorder at JPY 15,950 yen including tax. Pre-orders will end on 9th December, with shipments expected by January 2021.

The outer material that looks like a cardboard box is made with DuPont’s high-density polyethylene non-woven fabric, Tyvek — best known as the material for festival wristbands as well as tear-proof mailing envelopes. Tyvek has excellent moisture permeability and water resistance, and retains strength and durability.

The bag comes with a large drink holder attached to the side, and a velcro patch where you can stick patches to the front. You can also put stickers on the main body and draw pictures all over. Lastly, the item comes with 3 types of enamel tape that you can change to your liking.