Yuri Kitayama and Riv’s light novel series “Seirei Gensouki” will be getting a TV anime adaptation starring Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Ayaka Suwa, Akane Fujita, Kouji Yusa, Nao Toyama, and many others. The show will feature series composition and direction by Yamasaki Osamu — known for his work on “Toward the Terra”, “Itazura na Kiss” and the “Hakuouki” series, and animation production by Toms Entertainment.

The original “Seirei Gensouki” novel series has over 1.2 million copies in print, and the TV anime adaptation is produced to commemorate the 15th anniversary of its publisher HJ Bunko. It follows the story of Haruto Amakawa, who died and had his soul transmigrated into the body of Rio, a young boy living in another alternate world. Sharing one body but two sets of memories, Haruto helps Rio awaken a unique power that soon intertwines their fates with those of the two princesses of the kingdom.