Hololive management company Cover has announced an official collaboration between award-winning distillery Meiri Shurui and Hololive 3rd Generation talent Usada Pekora! A special “Hyakunen Umeshu Pekora ver.” will be released, priced at JPY 3,500 for a 500ml bottle. The box and bottle will feature an illustration of Usada Pekora by artist Ume Aoki, who was in charge of the “Ume Monogatari” visuals at Meiri Shurui.

“Hyakunen Umeshu” has won the number one spot in Japan at the world’s largest plum wine event. Meanwhile, VTuber Usada Pekora debuted in July 2019 as a 3rd gen member of Hololive Production. She is a cute girl with lovely rabbit ears, who loves carrots and carries them in her hair so she can eat them anytime.