With the impending general release of “Cells at Work!! Special Screening Edition” in Singapore from 17th December onwards, Muse held a special fans’ screening at GV Plaza yesterday 12th December 2020, to hype up hardcore fans eager to see their favourite microbiological defenders again — this time on the big screen!

It’s hard to imagine anyone who has never heard of “Cells at Work!”, but to refresh everyone’s memories, the manga by Akane Shimizu re-imagines the human body’s cells as highly-specialised, hard-working workers who do their best to keep their world running smoothly. These include the cute but clumsy Red Blood Cell, the stoic and capable White Blood Cell, the adorable and reliable Platelets, and a host of many other cells.

In the “Cells at Work!! Special Screening Edition”, our heroes are joined by a very ordinary Cell who picks up something extraordinary: a small litter of Lactic Acid Bacteria babies. The Cell — called, hilariously enough, Cell-Kun, takes it upon himself to save these kittenish Bacteria from the Auto-Immune Response System and return them to where they belong. The Neutrophils also re-encounter an old enemy, who has gained a powerful new ally in his fight to destroy their world.

Without trying to give too much away, the film reveals more about the “Cells at Work!” without focusing too much on the character of the Red Blood Cell. Instead, we are treated to an insight into the lives of the ordinary Cells, who were mostly treated as collateral damage in the first season of the TV anime adaptation. Of course, no episode of the show would be complete without heroics from Team Neutrophil, so watch out for those as well.

On the whole, “Cells at Work!! Special Screening Edition” is a gut-busting comedy that will encourage you to take care of your body better. Watch it with the whole family!

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The general release of “Cells at Work!! Special Screening Edition” will kick off on 17th December 2020 (Thursday) in Singapore, featuring Japanese audio with English and Chinese subtitles. The movie will screen exclusively at Golden Village cinemas Plaza Singapura and Vivocity.

⏰ Date: 17 December 2020 onwards
📍 Venue: GV Cinemas Plaza and VivoCity
🎟 Tickets: gv.com.sg/GVMovieDetails#/movie/7181