Via Comic Natalie: the second live-action feature-length adaptation of Homura Kawamoto and Tooru Naomura’s “Kakegurui”, tentatively titled “Kakegurui The Movie 2”, has cast Johnny’s WEST member Ryusei Fujii as the main antagonist opposite Minami Hamabe’s Yumeko Jabami.

Fujii will play the role of Shingen Shikigami, a dangerous man who was ousted from Hyakukaou Gakuen in the wake of an incident that occurred two years ago. A brilliant gambler with a special ability of “synesthesia”, he causes chaos in the school and has set his poisonous fangs on Yumeko Jabami.

The film will see a planned release window of May 2021; the all-new story is developed under the complete supervision of the original author Kawamoto.