Music label Lantis has pulled out all the stops for their new music concept Purple One Star‘s first major online event “New Generation Live 2020“, held last 26th November 2020 online via mixbox live. “Purple One Star” was envisioned “to create an environment in which artistes can act independently and maximize their strengths”, and the wide variety of acts that performed during the concert were proof of the concept at work.

A total of eight new generation artists performed during the concert, with headlining appearances by Ai Furihata and Kanako Takatsuki. Ai Furihata opened the show with her singles “Moonrise”, “Poolside Cocktail”, and “CITY”, followed by the recently-debuted Marina Horiuchi, who performed “Nano Hana” and “Welcome to Nanoland”.

The tarot-inspired six-member group ARCANA PROJECT performed their songs “CAMPANELLA Hibiku Sora de” and “Hitorigatari”, succeeded by voice actor and now solo artiste Takao Sakuma who sang and danced to his tracks “Chase the core” and “LIP”. He was followed by Thai artist MindaRyn who performed “BLUE ROSE knows” and “START”, and Virtual YouTuber Kaede Higuchi with “MARBLE” and “ANSWER SONG”.

Popular voice actor Koutaro Nishiyama made an appearance via pre-recorded video, where he performed his songs “Mahiru Doki no STELLA” and “Tobikiri no Yoru wa Koko ni Aru”. The evening wrapped up with more rocking live performances by Kanako Takatsuki, with her October 2020 debut single “Anti world” and her sophomore effort “Aishiteru wa ♡ GRAM?”.

In between performances were interview breaks by the artistes, for the audience in their homes to get to know them better. The stand-out interview of the evening was probably by MindaRyn, whose refreshing attitude about her Japanese skills (or lack of thereof) made us sympathize with her, and root for her future career.

Overall, the concert was a welcome break for fans of Japanese pop music, who have had to contend with the disappointment of not being able to see their favourite artistes in person. Hopefully, Purple One Star will continue to hold online concerts and keep them open for international audiences to enjoy wherever they may be in the world.