Princess Principal Crown Handler Chapter 1“, the full-length theatrical film that serves as the sequel to the TV anime “Princess Principal”, will be released in Japanese cinemas on 11th February 2021. The cast of the TV anime including Aoi Koga and Akira Sekine will be reprising their roles in the film, which will be directed by Masaki Tachibana with a screenplay by Noboru Kimura.

“Princess Principal” is set in a fictional country that resembles the real United Kingdom called “Albion”, which is split into the Royalist “Kingdom” and the Proletariat “Commonwealth”. The Commonwealth hatches a plot to replace the Kingdom’s Princess Charlotte with a sleeper agent named Ange. However, Charlotte upends the entire operation by volunteering to work for the Commonwealth, in return for Ange and her friends to help her secure her position as Queen of the Kingdom.