Via Comic Natalie: Shinya Umemura & Takumi Fukui and Ajichika’s “Shumatsu no Walküre” (“Valkyrie of the End”, aka “Record of Ragnarok”) will be adapted into a TV anime series slated for release in 2021.

Masao Okubo will serve as the director, with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu doing series composition, featuring character designs by Masaki Sato will be the character design, and animation by Graphinica. The cast includes Miyuki Sawashiro, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Tomokazu Seki, Hikaru Midorikawa, and Wataru Takagi.

“Shumatsu no Walküre” centres on the Gods’ Council, which decides that after several million years of strife, the human race is unsalvageable and must be destroyed. However, the Valkyrie Brunhild proposes that humanity must have one last chance to prove itself worthy.

The Gods agree to the “Battle of Ragnarok”, a series of one-on-one duels where thirteen humans must defeat at least seven of thirteen gods to save the human race; to even the odds, each human is granted the assistance of a Valkyrie.