Via Famitsu: get ready to drop some beats and some monsters as “Monster Hunter” collabs with “D4DJ Groovy Mix” — a smartphone rhythm game based on Bushiroad’s “D4DJ” multimedia franchise, for a special event.

The first part of the collaboration will start at 12:00 JST on 12th January 12 2021. In this event, the typical rhythm game will appear in a raid battle format, and players must cooperate to subdue monsters. Special collaboration songs will also be added to the D4DJ playlist during the event.

“D4DJ” follows the story of Rinku Aimoto — who returns to Japan after living most of her life overseas, and enrols at Yoba Girls’ Academy. She meets Maho Akashi, the school’s broadcaster and DJ, and develops an interest in DJing after watching a performance by Yoba’s famous DJ unit “Peaky P-Key”. She and Maho form a group of their own called “Happy Around!”, later joined by Muni Ohnaruto and Rei Togetsu.