Via “Anime!Anime!“: Chinese mobile game “Girls’ Frontline” — known as “Dolls’ Frontline” in Japan, will be releasing a TV anime adaptation soon; the show will be jointly developed by Sunborn Network in China and Warner Brothers Japan, and will be animated by Asahi Production.

“Girls’ Frontline” is a mobile game developed and released by MICA Team, and features battles between tactical fighting androids called T-Dolls — which are anthropomorphic representations of guns as cute moe girls. The game has exceeded 18 million downloads worldwide, and has dedicated servers catering to players in territories such as Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and multiple English-speaking countries; the Japan server alone has over 700,000 players.

The “Girls’ Frontline” franchise is particularly memorable for players in Singapore, as the game features a character patterned after the SAR-21 — known as “The NSMan’s Rifle Wife“.