Under the motto “From Tokyo To The World,” JUVENILE has created such popular tracks as RADIO FISH’s “PERFECT HUMAN,” racking up over one hundred million views of his works on YouTube. JUVENILE, a DJ, musical artist, and sound producer, delivers to his fans his own unique brand of “city music,” releasing his first session album “INTERWEAVE” on 23rd December 2020.

Featuring a wide variety of guest artists, including ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo/block fm), Okamoto Emi (Friends), TeddyLoid, May’n, Shingo Fujimori (Oriental Radio/Radio Fish), Akiyoshi Nakao, Teresa, Jun Fukuyama, Yurika, claquepot, and sheidA, the album is centered on a theme of “love”–not only love of music, but fraternal love, romantic love, love of family, love of home, love of self, and even love for the tools of one’s trade. These various forms of “love” are expressed in the ten tracks found on “INTERWEAVE.”

Opening with the introduction track “INTERWEAVE,” in which the electronic tones seem to give life to the powerful elation evoked by music itself, the second track treats listeners to a long-awaited collaboration. With “Into U feat.sheidA,” JUVENILE, who grew up with the hip-hop sounds of m-flo, puts the joy and excitement of working with one of his childhood idols on full display. This session track, created together with ☆Taku Takahashi of m-flo fame, features the talented singer sheidA from Los Angeles, and is an upbeat and stylish musical drama that deftly weaves together passion and calm resolve and leaves a strong impression on one’s soul. In a recent YouTube video, ☆Taku gave JUVENILE’s talents rave reviews, expressing his desire to “join up” with him on a future project (YouTube). This track is an outstanding example of JUVENILE’s personality and talent as a sound producer, and is a must-listen for fans.

After witnessing this new master-and-apprentice relationship blossom, the listener can enjoy the chemistry between JUVENILE and many other featured artists. Together with Okamoto Emi, “Do Or Do Not” brings a smile to listeners’ faces as Okamoto’s hip-hop and club style matches perfectly with JUVENILE’s electronic music style. “AWESOME” features the charismatic May’n of anisong fame (“Macross F”, others) breaking new ground with this pop-funk beat. And “After Rain feat.claquepot” brings together JUVENILE and TeddyLoid for a unique track that deviates from their EDM and instead treats listeners to a singalong evoking a pastoral image of the sun and fragrant fields, sure to resonate with fans of all kinds of music around the world.

“Playboy” shows Shingo Fujimori (Oriental Radio/Radio Fish), the key person who brought JUVENILE into the spotlight, at his lyrical best, and manages to subvert his public image by using his masculine charms against him. In “Papa Dakara,” Akiyoshi Nakao, a well-known actor in many dramas and movies, makes his debut as a singer and expresses his love for his family and his gentle personality as a young father. And together with Teresa, a multilingual artist from Taiwan known throughout the Asian region, JUVENILE has created “SICKEN ME”, an R&B number with an Eastern flavour that allows Teresa’s angelic voice, at once innocent and bewitching, to resonate naturally and vividly.

Throughout the album to this point, listeners are amazed by JUVENILE’s ability to highlight the best of his musical collaborators, but his true talents are made most apparent in the penultimate track, “Kimi to Boku no Kiroku”. Together with popular voice actor Jun Fukuyama, a longtime friend of JUVENILE’s, this track features Fukuyama’s voice acting talent in a unique poetry session, telling a story of days long past and people who we cannot meet again, and of starting anew, bringing tears to listeners’ eyes as they can imagine a full animated story in their minds’ eyes. The final track, “Flashlight,” closes the album with a message “to all our brothers and sisters fighting in this city, in the here and now of 2020.” Featuring the violinist Yurika, popular on the social media platform Tik Tok, this track showcases the emotional melodies for which she is famous.

“INTERWEAVE” is an album that would rightly be categorized as a work of electronic music. While some still have the impression that electronic music is “inorganic,” this album surely contains the very essence of living, breathing human life, is surely a story of humanity, which cannot live without love. With the trying times in 2020 and the changes forced upon our lifestyles by recent events, our lives seem faster-paced and more rigidly structured than ever before, but coming at the end of such a year, this album will bring a certain joy to listeners through its kind, joyful, and heartfelt electronic melodies.

Original Text: Tetsuo Hiraga
Translated and Adapted by: HoriPro International

· Release Information
Release Date: 23rd December 2020
HPI-0004 2,800 JPY (plus tax)

02. Into U feat.sheidA
03. Do Or Do Not feat.Okamoto Emi
04. AWESOME feat.May’n
05. After Rain feat.claquepot
06. Playboy feat.Shingo Fujimori
07. Papa Dakara feat.Akiyoshi Nakao
08. 可能我有病(SICKEN ME) feat.Teresa
09. Kimi to Boku no Kiroku feat.Jun Fukuyama
10. Flashlight feat.Yurika

· YouTube Sample Videos

Into U feat.sheidA

After Rain feat.claquepot