Via Famitsu: Universal Studios Japan has revealed more details about “Super Nintendo World“, which is scheduled to open on 4th February 2021 — as the world’s first theme park attraction centred on Nintendo characters and their world.

One of the main attractions is “MARIOKART Koopa’s Challenge”, where riders don special AR goggles in the shape of Mario’s hat. During the race, riders can earn coins by throwing Green Shells obtained from the Item Box at the Koopa Corps, or by turning the steering wheel according to the arrow displayed on the AR goggles. Race results are determined by how well the riders drive through the course.

Fans can enjoy Super Mario-themed meals at “Kinopio Cafe”, where Chef Kinopio serves various mushroom-inspired dishes such as burgers, pot-pie style “pizza bowls”, and many others. In addition, a theme park favourite — flavoured popcorn, will be sold in caramel peach and mushroom flavours, in two types of buckets: Mario Kart and Superstar.

Last but not least, at the gift shop “One-up Factory”, limited edition Super Mario souvenirs are available for fans to purchase, such as hoodies, novelty hats in the shape of Koopa and a Goomba, as well as pullback Mario toys, and other fun items! We’re looking forward to checking it out soon when international travel is permitted!