Via Famitsu: multimedia publishing company KADOKAWA resolved to issue new shares through a third-party allotment to Sony and CyberAgent, raising about JPY 10 billion yen — half of which will be allocated for the creation, development, and acquisition of new IPs and the other half for maximization of the profitability of current IPs.

KADOKAWA, Sony, and CyberAgent will leverage the strengths of their companies’ businesses and know-how, including CyberAgent’s ability to develop and operate games for smartphones, Sony’s existing entertainment and consumer electronics businesses, and KADOKAWA’s numerous multimedia contents.

This is just one of the many high-profile partnerships Sony has embarked on with other entertainment companies over the previous year, including the acquisition of North American streaming service Crunchyroll, the investment on NijiSanji mother company IchiKara, and the purchase of a USD $400M stake in Chinese streaming service bilibili.