Voice actor Haruka Tomatsu reported the birth of her first child on her official blog. A partial and unofficial translation of her post follows:

I apologise for announcing a personal matter, but I am pleased to inform you all that the other day, my first child — a girl, was born.

I’m sure some of you may have been surprised by the sudden report. I was worried until the end of my pregnancy due to the coronavirus pandemic since last year, but I was able to give birth safely.

I am experiencing everything for the first time, and is this exactly what life is all about! It was harder than I imagined, but I am relieved that both myself and child are fine and that the baby was born safely.

The other day, I celebrated my own birthday and just turned one year older, and I am delighted with the new life that was born, and that the members of my family have increased.

I still have some concerns, and I am probably still a bit immature, but first things first — I would like to prioritize my health, and slowly grow step by step.

As a voice actor, as a member of SPHERE, as a person, and as a mother, I will be embarking on this new step with the same enthusiasm and attitude for my most cherished work. I would like to thank you all for your continued support ☆

Congratulations, Harukasu!