Via Comic Natalie: the release date of the animated feature-length film “Kud Wafter the Movie” has been set for 14th May 2021; the main visual of the movie was released to accompany the announcement.

“Kud Wafter the Movie” is based on the game released by Key in 2010, which itself was a spin-off of the popular animated work “Little Busters!”; the film’s story will centre on Kudryavka Noumi and Riki Naoe, who were also in “Little Busters!”. Naomi Wakabayashi and Yui Horie will reprise their roles from “Little Busters!”.

The movie will be directed and screen written by Kentaro Suzuki — who also directed the original “Kud Wafter” game. Animation will produced by JCSTAFF, featuring character designs by “Little Busters!” character designer Haruko Iizuka. The voice actors were Naomi Wakabayashi , Yui Horie and other original cast members.