Today, on things we found on the internet: Nissin will be releasing a high-protein, low-sugar version of their famous Cup Noodle and Seafood Cup Noodle! Named “Cup Noodle PRO” — as an allusion to its high protein content, as well as its upgraded status compared to the filthy casual Cup Noodle, it will be available in Japan starting 5th April 2021.

The new variant claims to have 15% more protein content and 50% less sugar content compared to the regular Cup Noodle, as well as incorporating more dietary fibre in the noodle dough and using a new cooking method to deep fry the noodles. For now, college dorms and bachelor pads the world over can look forward to a healthier version of their favourite pantry staple.

The jury is still out if a Chroma version is coming.