Sui Ishida’s new series “Chojin X” has officially started serialization on Young Jump. “Chojin X” is a unique action-adventure set in a world where superhumans exist. Tokio Kurohara — a high school student living in the devastated “Yamato Prefecture,” and his friend Azuma Higashi become vigilantes who aim to exterminate the villains infesting their town. Future chapters of the new work will be published at irregular intervals — so keep your eyes peeled!

Ishida is best known for his work on the popular “Tokyo Ghoul” series, which is set in an alternate reality where ghouls — creatures that feed on human flesh, hide amongst the normal population, hunting humans in secret and evading the authorities. Ken Kaneki is a college student who barely survives a heinous ghoul attack, only by having ghoul body parts surgically transplanted into his body. This turns him into a half-ghoul, and he must now learn how to control his ghoulish tendencies, hide amongst humans, and fight off both his ghoul and human pursuers who want him dead for various reasons.