Via Comic Natalie: “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!” will be getting a new anime series; the announcement was accompanied by a new key visual, with more details to be revealed soon. The popular isekai comedy light novel series ended in May last year, and spawned an equally popular TV anime series and a feature-length film.

Also known to fans as “KonoSuba”, the series follows Kazuma, a shut-in who dies during a “traffic accident”. When he arrives in the afterlife, he meets a goddess named Aqua, who suggests Kazuma be a hero and she will give him one overpowered weapon. He agrees, and chooses Aqua as his weapon. Together, they get transported to an alternate world, and Aqua turns out to be a little… useless.

Not only that, but they also gather a party of overpowered-yet-useless members as well, including Megumin, a powerful Arch Wizard who only knows one spell (and passes out after performing said spell) and Darkness, a Crusader who can take damage… but is too masochistic for her own good.