Asahi Shimbun Publishing’s horror-themed manga contest “Asahi Horror Manga Award” is currently underway, featuring Chief Judge Junji Ito. Other judges include manga author Akiko Hatsu and the general producer of the TV drama “Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi” Hiroyuki Goto.

The competition is divided into three categories: the HONKAWA, nemuki+, and Original divisions. The HONKAWA division is for manga, based on horrifying personal experiences or anecdotes from close acquaintances. The nemuki+ division is likewise for manga, based on the author’s original conceptual script. The Original division is for manga storyboards or novel drafts that could be either personal experiences or conceptual horror.

Winners in each category will receive a cash prize of JPY 100,000. The winners of the HONKAWA and nemuki+ categories will also have their work published in their respective magazines, as well as considered for long-term serialisation by Asahi Shimbun Publishing’s Editorial Department. The winner of the Original category, on the other hand, will have their storyboard or novel draft produced as a full comic.

The application period for the Horror Manga Awards is from 3rd August to 31st October 31st; check out the official website for full details.