Susumu Hirasawa — a musician who had a close relationship with “BERSERK” author Kentaro Miura, and has worked on the soundtracks for the movie, TV anime, and game versions of “BERSERK”, filmed a special message video for the “Great BERSERK Exhibition -Kentaro Miura’s 32 Years of Works-“, which is scheduled to be held in Tokyo’s Sunshine City from 10th to 23rd September.

The “Great BERSERK Exhibition -Kentaro Miura’s 32 Years of Works-” is the first large-scale solo exhibition of over 300 “BERSERK” manuscripts, color original drawings, and more.

In related news, The latest chapter #364 of Kentaro Miura’s “BERSERK” will be published in Young Animal #18, out 10th September 2021. Meanwhile, the 41th volume of Kentaro Miura’s “BERSERK” is scheduled for release on 24th December 2021. “BERSERK #41” will be released in three versions: a regular version, a special edition with canvas art, and a version bundled with a drama CD.

Kentaro Miura died of acute aortic dissection last 6th May 2021. He was aged 54.