Japan’s Toei Animation and South Korea’s CJ ENM have jointly announced that they have signed a strategic business alliance for joint planning and production of content for the global market last 2021

Toei Animation and CJ ENM will jointly plan, develop, produce, and invest in a total of three lines, including “original works”, “animation”, and “live-action” of the hit franchises from both companies, and will be rolled out starting 2023.

Toei Animation is one of Japan’s largest and most established animation production companies Some of their best known works include “Mazinger Z”, “Galaxy Express 999”, “Dragon Ball”, “”Sailor Moon”, “Slam Dunk”, “One Piece”, and “Pretty Cure”.

CJ ENM is one of South Korea’s largest entertainment companies, producing dramas, broadcasts, movies, animations, music, stage/musicals, and more. CJ ENM invested in and distributed the award-winning film “Parasite”, which won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Foreign Film at the 92nd Academy Awards.