Via Sora News: after renovating their flagship Akihabara store just over a year ago in August 2020, the GUNDAM Cafe chain is closing all four stores in Japan in January of 2022.

The very first GUNDAM Cafe opened in 2010, and there are currently four permanent GUNDAM Cafes across Japan: two in Tokyo — the previously mentioned Akihabara store plus the Odaiba store adjacent to the full-scale 1:1 Unicorn Gundam, the third one in Osaka, and the fourth one in Fukuoka. The last day for GUNDAM Cafe Osaka will be 10th January 2022, with the other three closing down on 10th January 2022.

Meanwhile, the limited-time period store set up in Gundam Factory Yokohama is scheduled to end its run in March 2022 when the entire attraction closes.

GUNDAM Cafe TOKYO BRAND CORE is now composed of four areas: the main restaurant area, “Zeon Diner TOKYO”, the goods shop, and “fortune Latte Cafe”. To distinguish the dining areas, the main restaurant area resembles the mess hall in a space battleship, while “Zeon Diner TOKYO” feels like the officers dining hall in the Principality of Zeon.

The goods shop offers a number of location-exclusive items such as Japanese-style crockery as well as souvenir snacks. Last but not least, “fortune Latte Cafe” — located outside the store provides take-out drinks, with latte printed with characters and famous lines from the series.

Saraba, GUNDAM Cafe!