The TV anime adaptation of Yuto Yotsuba and Ryou Ogawa’s “Paripi Koumei” has dropped its first official promotional video, ahead of its 5th April April 2022 premiere! “Paripi Koumei” started serialization in Comic DAYS in 2019, and transferred to Young Magazine starting 22nd November 2021. There are currently seven volumes in circulation, with the latest released on 18th November 2021.

The anime will be directed by Osamu Honma, with series composition by Yoko Yonaiyama, featuring character designs by Kanami Sekiguchi, with animation by PA WORKS. Ryoutaro Okiayu plays the role of ancient Chinese statesman and military strategist Zhuge Liang, and Kaede Hondo plays the role of Eiko Tsukimi. The ending song will be by 96 Neko, who also provides the singing voice of Eiko Tsukimi.

“Paripi Koumei” — hilariously translated into English as “Ya Boy Kongming!” is a comedy series based on the premise of famous warrior Zhuge Liang, also known as Koumei, dying in the Battle of Wuzhang Plain and reincarnation in modern Japan. He encounters a young girl named Eiko Tsukimi in the streets of Shibuya, and has taken upon himself to plan her rise to fame and her successful career as a musician.