Aimi, also known as Aimi Terakawa, is a new found gem in the world of anisong. She recently made her major debut last year with the single “Tenshi no Clover“, under the label Pony Canyon. The song was featured as the opening theme song for the anime series Astarotte no Omocha.

Currently, her discography encompasses 3 singles, including an upcoming single for an anime due next season, and a few songs from games such as Weiss Schwarz Portable and Da Capo III. Apart from singing, Aimi also does voice acting. Card game players should be familiar with her name because she is the voice behind Suiko in the anime series, Cardfight! Vanguard.

In fact, Aimi is also a very skillful card game player in real life. She often makes appearances in Bushiroad card game events and plays with other card game players around Japan. She has a really sweet voice, and fans who have seen her in action say that you would go “HNNGG” when you hear her sweet voice say the words “FINAL TURN” for Vanguard. So if you are attending AFA Malaysia, make sure you visit the Bushiroad booth because Aimi would be making an appearance there. You could just be the lucky person to pit your card game skills against our young idol!

Ever multi-talented, Aimi is also a radio personality. She has a few regular radio programs available on the internet radio station, which you can listen to even if you are not in Japan. It’s a great learning opportunity for those who are trying to pick up the Japanese language and practice your listening skills. While I have not caught any of her live performances, I did manage to catch a few of her performances through Nico Nico Live and she always sang well. Of course, that is what you’d expect from the winner of the 3rd Japan Anisong Grand Prix of Osaka. I can confidently say that you will not be disappointed when you catch her live performance at the AFA Malaysia anisong concert.

Join me to witness the live performance of the upcoming anisong star, Aimi!

2 interesting facts about Aimi:

  1. Aimi participated in the nationwide audition for the voice of Elly from Milky Holmes but was not given to role. However, she was discovered by the same management later.
  2. Besides playing Vanguard, Aimi knows how to play Weiss Schwarz, another trading card game, and has a good track record during her challenge in a regular show on Nico Nico Douga.

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