American voice actors Aleks Le (“Demon Slayer”, “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, “Rent-A-Girlfriend”) and Jonah Scott (“Beastars”, “Dying Light 2: Stay Human”, “Attack on Titan”) announced today a new YouTube channel project entitled “VO to GO” and supported by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. to present the world of voice acting to fans of anime and gaming content around the world.

Join Aleks and Jonah as they give exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at voice acting recording sessions and studios, conduct exclusive interviews with some of the industry’s top stars, give tips and hints to aspiring VAs, and engage with both English and Japanese-language audiences. Their deep experience in the US voice acting industry, combined with their unique brand of humor and their personal connections to the Japan-side industry, are sure to make this new program a must-watch for fans of anime content worldwide.

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc., a worldwide leader in entertainment content, is dedicated to the promotion and development of anime, voice acting, music, and other content both within Japan and around the world. Through supporting both domestic and international talent, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. aims to create opportunities for new, unique content that crosses borders and languages to bring together both the Japanese and English anime and voice acting industries, and deliver the best of Japanese content to fans globally.

Program Information
Title: VO to GO
Starring: Aleks Le, Jonah Scott
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About Aleks Le
Aleks Le is an actor & voice actor based in Los Angeles, California. Moving to the United States from Asia at the age of 10, Aleks used cartoons and video games to help him learn the English language. They also inspired a passion for voice work that he later used to pursue his career. Aleks’s voice can be heard in a variety of video games, cartoons, and anime. These include prominent roles such as Zenitsu Agatsuma of the internationally successful Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise, starring in both the popular anime series and box-office record-breaking movie, Mikey of Tokyo Revengers, Luke of Street Fighter 6, and Sonon Kusakabe of the best-selling game Final Fantasy VII Remake. Aleks is also notably featured in works such as Vinland Saga, Dragon Ball Super, Pokémon, Astral Chain, Dorohedoro, and Call of Duty.


Anbout Jonah Scott
Jonah Scott is a Voice Actor, Twitch Streamer and Singer from Los Angeles. Online and in the booth, he has done voice work with studios in Tokyo, Poland, Denmark, London, NYC and LA. Jonah has provided his recognizable ‘Leading Man’ voice to many video games and serials including leads in massive global titles like Netflix’s BEASTARS, Way of the Househusband, Super Crooks, Dying Light 2, Attack on Titan, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls and dozens more. Not just an accomplished actor, he is a prolific and popular twitch streamer and VTuber, streaming to a large audience of game and anime fans, daily. When he’s not behind the mic, he is writing his comic series ‘ROCK STAR’, playing the drums or Dungeons & Dragons with his friends.