About So Japan

sojapan.jp is created by the team that brings you the Anime Festival Asia event since 2008! It is created as AFA Channel in 2013, with the mission to bring Japan POP Culture to you 365 days a year through an engaging platform where we dive into the wealth of exclusive content from AFA and more!

And on July 13, 2016, AFA Channel is officially re-branded as WOW JAPAN, and then again to So Japan on July 7, 2019. With our re-branding, we hope to bring Japanese popular culture, like Anime, Entertainment, Games, Manga, Music, Movies, Technology and more closer to you. Do also catch our spew of original contents and event coverage that we worked with various artists to create!

For the re-launch we have upgraded our back-end system to allow for faster updates, allowing us to bring you the exclusive on and offstage activities that you cared about as well as the juicy happenings that you would never have known about during the various events.

Nevertheless, we will also be working hard to showcase what we think are some of the most interesting, exciting developments within the industry as well as around the community.

About SOZO Media Network

And in 2017, a collaboration with The Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia’s biggest anime and related information portals; Thus the SOZO Media Network is born, a content sharing and advertising network that would spread the information into the untapped markets of South East Asia. Imagine, reaching out to over 3 million users!

As part of the SOZO MediaNetwork, So Japan would also be working with various affiliates, syndicating and translating some of the most popular contents onto our networks and vice versa allowing the affiliates to share our news, information and original contents.

Contact Us!

While we will be constantly looking out for interesting contents, we would also like to hear from you via our comments, competitions and or tips provided to us. Feel free to email us at [email protected].

For stories that we featured, contribution by readers will be credited so do leave us a name we can thank!

If you are keen to promote your products/services or sees an opportunity to cooperate on our platform please feel free to contact us at [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For feedback or bugs report, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], we hope to hear from you if you have found something wrong or have a wonderful suggestion for us.

For now, thank you for your visit and hope you will be looking forward to the fun and exciting journey ahead!

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