While studying for you college exam or filling out that Income Tax form, have you even wondered beyond all the nervous breakdowns, battles against giant Angels and day to day tensions amongst pretty ladies,

how much does Evangelion pilot Shinji Ikari actually earns in a year?

Heiken Ninshu(Average Annual Salary), a Japanese wage research organization, conducted  a study recently to help determine the answer.

Shinji is part of a very selected group of 14 year old individuals piloting the giant Evangelions (Eva), in which only seven known machines are made, based off the original Anime and its relevant side material sources.  As a pilot, his main job is to protect the Earth and the humans residing from the wrath of the Angels.

When he’s not doing that, he has to go through various tests to ensure that the Eva is still functional and working properly like the synchronization tests. While he may be a pilot, he is still a child so he has to attend school on a day-to-day basis like most other 14 year olds when he’s not out saving the world from utter destruction.


Being a mecha pilot, he would probably be paid the same way as a Japanese Air Self Defense Force pilot, which amounts to about 150,000 yen every month, with a base salary of 1.8 million yen the entire year. Seems a little low don’t you think?

Thankfully since he is a pilot, he would be naturally piloting it on a regular basis. A flight pay is awarded to him, about 153,200 yen per month, or 1,838,400 yen per year. He would also get quite a number of perks he get simply for being a pilot of a giant robot.

For deployment to disaster or hazardous area for those dangerous battlefields he gets to go through, Shinji will also be drawing a supplement. Then assuming that the Angels attack only on weekdays, he would earn about 1,620 yen a day or 388,800 yen a year.

In addition, Heiken Ninshu says he would be eligible for maritime peacekeeping work which amounts to 400,000 yen! If you include the price index, which makes piloting an Eva extremely costly, the value would increase tenfold summing it up to about 44,100,000 yen! And to top it off, adding in overtime pay of 200,000 yen and risk pay, which he will definitely incur due to the risky nature of piloting Eva (burns, injuries, possible Tangification) of 1 million yen.

In total, Shinji Ikari would have earned up to 56,100,000 yen or about SGD$690,000 per Annual!!! 

The original report also mention Misato Katsuragi’s payslip as well!

While she may not be an Evangelion pilot, she’s still a Major in the top secret NERV organization in charge of eliminating the Angels. During her free time, she enjoys a good can of beer or two or driving around in her favorite Renault Alpine A310.


Being a Major, assuming that she is paid like a Major in the JSDF it would be around 319,000 yen a month or 3,820,000 yen a year. She would be entitled to Summer and Winter bonuses, that would total to about 1,400,000 yen.

Including her allowance by NERV, that would sum up to about 9,000,000 yen or SGD$110,646. It’s not as high as Shinji’s theoretical pay though. We are not sure how much more allowance she would get, looking after 2 of the most important pilots.

Also, Misato can be heard complaining that she still has 33 more payments to pay off for her Alpine A310. While we may not know how much she has paid off already, at that point of time an A310 would cost around 1,800,000 to 2,200,000 yen or SGD$27,290. You might wonder how much she pays a month just to clear that loan, looking after Pen Pen and not to mention the amount of beer she purchases each month!

So that’s how much an Evangelion pilot like Shinji Ikari and NERV Major Misato Katsuragi earns each year. It may not be impressive seven figure sums but seeing that Shinji is doing a deed for an entire planet, he really should be paid much, much more.

Would you want to pilot a Eva or any other giant robot if you’re going to be paid that much? Well, I’m a sucker for giant robots so if I ever had that opportunity I’d definitely want to go, the pay seems pretty alright to me!

*The amount stated here is not verified with the NERV Worker’s union, so they might be pay 1000 yen(SGD12) an hour for all we know XD*

Source: Rocket News, Heiken Ninshu